Blue Symposium


Transport to BLANES/LLORET

February 2017


Transport from Barcelona and Girona towards the Costa Brava (Blanes, Lloret) is not abundant and it finishes at night at about 22:30h. If you are traveling after or before these times please let us know so we can give you an alternative.

The link of the buses below to inform you about the timetables. You can book online your ticket if you want. However, if you are not 100% you will arrive on time to catch the bus please consider to just buy it on the bus.

  • Bus stops in T1 BCN you have to go straight from the arrivals and go down to where the aerobus stop is, then pass to the other sidewalk and search for “interurbanos”, that’s where the buses to Blanes and Lloret stop.
  • Bus stops in T2 BCN as you go outside, in the area C, turn right and the buses stop in the shaded area. You must ask where it stops as it depends on the traffic.

Airport Barcelona à Blanes (and back)

Airport Barcelona à Lloret de Mar (and back)

Girona airport: as you get out of the terminal turn right and go towards the parking lot. Make sure not to get on the first bus is there as it may take you Barcelona with no stops. Make sure to ask the driver if he stops where you want to go (Lloret or Blanes)

Airport Girona à Blanes (and back)

Airport Girona à Lloret de Mar (and back)

Of course there is the trains as well mainly from Barcelona and not very frequent from Girona:

R1: towards Maçanet-Massanes or Blanes from Barcelona, towards Barcelona-Hospitalet de Llobregat if from Girona

There is no train to Lloret, but a bus (line 1) from the Blanes train station goes to LLoret

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